The History of our Foundation

The Tucher Family Cultural Foundation, a non-profit foundation founded in 2012, represents the cultural interests of the Tucher family and of the Dr. Lorenz Family Foundation, which was founded in 1503. As a non-profit organization, the foundation administers the family’s private art and cultural holdings, formerly the holdings of the Tucher baronetcy.  It contributes to conservation, scholarly research, and outreach related to this collection, a collection which has contributed to the cultural landscape of Nuremberg and the surrounding region for centuries.  The intangible value of this collection lies in its function as a historical record each object tells its own small story, and all together the collection reflects the history of the family and the cultural history of the Nürnberg region. In the following pages, select objects from the collection will illuminate the family history of the Tuchers.

Since the 14th century, the Tucher family has represented the prolific influence of the Nuremberg patrician class, whether through their found-ations, or in the arts or international trade.  

The sixteenth century is considered to have been the most successful period for the “Tucherisch Compagnia.” The company traded in various commo-dities, especially saffron, throughout Europe.

Beginning in the fifteenth century and continuing into the twentieth century, members of the Tucher family have attained high positions as diplomats and benefactors both in the fields of trade and in both sacred and secular ranks of authority.  

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