The Goals of our Foundation

The Tucher Cultural Foundation protects its cultural holdings and encourages historical awareness. Many cultural foundations are active as patrons, but the Tucher Cultural Foundation goes beyond patronage and initiates its own projects. At the center of its work is preserving, researching and promoting the foundation’s own art collections, collections which are exemplary examples of art held by noble Nuremberg families. The Tucher Cultural Foundation not only protects its collections, but rather makes these available for researchers and for the general public.


Created as a non-profit charity in 2012, the Tucher Cultural Foundation preserves the artworks and archival materials of the Tucher family, and makes these available to the public.​

The Tucher Cultural Foundation researches the 800-year history of the Tucher family. This work is carried out through cooperations with public research institutions as well as with the Tucher Fellowship.  

The Tucher Cultural Foundation seeks to make its collections accessible to the community at large. The Museum in the Tucher Palace plays a central role in the foundation’s outreach efforts.