Topics which we Research

The Tucher Cultural Foundation aims to document its holdings, as well as to perform outreach through research and networking.  One of several cooperative projects with museums and public research institutions is the Tucher Fellowship, a scholarship position at the German National Museum for doctoral students who are active in the area of German cultural history.

Memorial portrait for Provost Dr. Lorenz Tucher by Dürer’s pupil Hans Süß von Kulmbach from 1513.

Tucher Fellowship

Every two years the Tucher Cultural Foundation and the German National Museum in Nuremberg award a fellowship to a doctoral student for a research project related to German cultural heritage, and which, if possible, utilizes the collections of the Tucher family. The Tucher Fellow is supported during his or her research residency at the German National Museum by the research staff. She or he has access to the museum’s facilities and is invited to participate in various events. Additionally, the Fellow is included in the training for volunteers carried out at the German National Museum. Our previous Fellows at the German National Museum in Nuremberg.

Back to the Future

The Tucher Cultural Foundation’s complete collection of letters from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries has been incorporated into the “Back to the Future” project at the University of Antwerp. This project is supported with help from Transkribus, a platform for digitization and text recognition using artificial intelligence, transcription and searches of historical documents from all places and periods, and in all languages. The project is supported by the European Research Council.

Elector Friedrich III of Saxony writes to Anton II Tucher from Torgau on November 4, 1522.